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What if you could be a part of God’s plan to build the Church of Jesus Christ around the world?

What if your home could be the birthplace of a “New Testament” church movement?

What if God is calling you to be a senior leader in His church triumphant?

**God may be calling you to be a meeting place church planter.**

Become a part of The International Fellowship of Meeting Place Churches!

If you gather together to pray and study the word of God regularly, you are already a part of the meeting place community.


Our Vision –
Any place can become a Meeting Place Church.

Our Mission –
To revolutionize the world through meeting place churches.

Qualifications –
1. Twelve or more signatures/names. (To receive official Meeting Place Charter.)
2. Willingness to be trained and developed for church leadership.
3. Internet access.
4. A heart for Jesus!

The winning combination:
1. A pastoral leader.
2. A meeting place.
3. Weekly meetings.
4. Commitment to the mother church.

We would love to share our vision in more detail. We believe any place can become a “meeting place” and we are especially interested in church plants for Indonesia, Kenya, and The Philippines. Please send your name, location and e-mail address to info@gotmpc.org for more information.