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The Meeting Place Church International is a part of the growing cadre of

dynamic organizations known in leading institutions as “The Emerging


Noted for their prayerful, practical, and passionate approach to providing

ministry services throughout their community and abroad, The Meeting Place

Church has built a local and international platform for distributing hope

and help to the hurt around the world.

With more than 100,000 lives impacted daily through their local and

international outreach, it is no wonder The Meeting Place Church has amassed

national followings in Kenya, Indonesia, The Philippines, South Africa,

Great Britain, and Nigeria.

For fifteen years, the growing Columbia, South Carolina based

congregation has been under the leadership of Bishop E.J. Freeman.

Bishop E.J. Freeman is a native of Tampa, Florida who completed undergraduate

work at The University of Florida and graduate work at Lutheran Theological

Southern Seminary and Cornell University respectively. Prior to pursuing the

vocation of ministry, Bishop E.J. Freeman worked in corporate America for Kraft

General Foods, Pfizer, Inc., and Novartis, USA.

Together Bishop E.J. Freeman and The Meeting Place Church International have

created a revolutionary blueprint for leveraging digital platforms and

facilitators to carry the message of help and hope, through the universal

language of prayer, to the nations.

The Meeting Place Church – a practical, passionate, praying community.